Our Story

Success story

Recognising a need

In 2007, while studying chemistry at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland, Jakub Kościelniak — CEO of medi.global and medical translator — began working as a translator and editor of life science texts.

Jakub also worked with EXAFS spectroscopy at the Deutches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY in Hamburg, Germany. For several years, he taught classes and laboratories at a university.

During this time, Jakub also completed courses for Good Clinical Practice (ICH-GCP), and gained strong working knowledge of CAT tools and translation management systems, Quality Assurance tools and processes, and vendor management. Simultaneously, he started studying Italian at the Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Cracovia. Currently, he works with both Italian and English.

This increased the demand for his services, and led him to open a language service provider company.

Success story

medi.global is born

medi.global was founded in December 2017 and began to gather specialised vendors with a solid background in academia. Our motto was:

If you don’t understand it, you cannot translate it!

We wanted these highly specialised translations to be performed by vendors with proven, in-depth knowledge in their respective fields:

Pharmacy and Pharmacology
Biosciences (biology, biotechnology, biochemistry)

Nowadays, the vast majority of translation vendors who work with medi.global are researchers and scientists employed at universities and private companies. We work closely with physicians, doctors, CRAs, pharmacists, chemists, bioscientists, medical statisticians, patent attorneys and other expert vendors.

Success story

Our core values

At medi.global, we are committed to selecting vendors who adhere to the highest standards, in conformance with the company’s core values:

Translators must have a true understanding of the texts they translate
The company only works with vendors who have the relevant education, along with practical experience in the fields they translate
Each translation vendor must have an excellent command of the languages they work with
Translations are carried out according to a client-centric approach, which considers the specific needs of each client
Success story

Our vendor team comes from
exactly the same industry
as our clients do

That’s why we are one of the few teams that fully understands the needs and priorities of life science fields
Success story

Recent developments

Recently, we doubled our core account and project management teams, as well as broadened our pool of specialised, hand-picked vendors.

While medi.global follows a “boutique” approach to translations, it is now scaling up to work with large accounts, while maintaining the same simple structure and commitment to close cooperation between our clients, PMs and vendors.

The company is small enough to ensure excellent attention to detail, but big enough to handle large, multilingual jobs.

The company continues to focus on tailored linguistic services, because that specialisation is the best path to providing the best quality services, and maintaining high customer satisfaction.

By focusing on a life science translations, and delivering that service with impeccable quality, medi.global has achieved enormous success and proven that jack of all trades service providers are a thing of the past.

The company has positioned itself to continue that track record well into the future.

Success story

Future developments

From the very beginning, we have focused on implementing modern, frequently cloud-based tools in our workflows. The clear advantages of this modern technology include: ease of scalability, global availability and efficient support in management of our projects.

We also frequently rely on Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered solutions, as we see the extensive development potential of this area in relation to fine-tuning vendor selection processes, project handling, and quality assurance.

Thus, we concentrate on custom NMT solutions, including dedicated translation engines trained in house using millions of words of carefully vetted human translated content. With these custom solutions in place, powered by specialised post-editors, we can provide excellent deliverables with accelerated turnaround.

At the same time, we strongly oppose market practices such as light post-editing of machine translation, which cannot and will not replace specialised human translations.

From the start, our aim was to focus only on life science translations. Thanks to this well-defined specialisation, we can provide tailor-made services, maintaining high quality and customer satisfaction. This also has brought us significant success on local and global markets.

Success story

Our outlook for the future
is promising

we are persistently following our chosen path of service quality, ensuring the success of our clients

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